Sunday May 13 – Saturday May 19

Sunday – Mother’s Day

Breakfast – smoothies

Lunch – out!

Dinner – Grill!


Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – out (dr’s appointment)

Dinner – Black and Bleu Steaks, asparagus

Soak Beans


Breakfast – waffles, whipped cream, and fruit

Lunch – pasta salad

Dinner – tacos and beans


Breakfast – pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (from freezer), and milk

Lunch – leftover pasta salad

Dinner – egg salad sandwiches, veggies and Greek yogurt, chips


Breakfast – cereal

Lunch – snacks (crackers and cheese, fruit, applesauce)

Dinner – chicken tacos (with frozen chicken from freezer)


Breakfast – smoothies

Lunch – leftover chicken tacos

Dinner – spaghetti (with frozen ground beef)


Breakfast – muffins (from freezer), with milk

Lunch – leftover spaghetti

Dinner – grill – burgers, OR omelet or frittata

Next week – Cooking week! Whole chickens, roast, waffles, pizza dough


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